A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Are you studying computer science? Are you struggling with the complex concepts of computersystems? Then this game might help you.
This game was made as a bachelor-thesis at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel and is meant to be an educational aid for computer science students, studying computersystems.
It tries to convey the concepts of n-ary number systems, MOSFET-Transistor-Gates, Karnaugh-Veitch-Diagrams and combinational circuits or rudimentary ALUs.
The Game uses the Unity3D-Engine and very simplistic visuals.

Programming and Game-Design: Alex Brühl (https://darkyomg.itch.io/ & https://twitter.com/WtfDarky)
Music and Sounds: Martin Platte (https://itch.io/profile/pladde & https://twitter.com/PLaddeXOXO)
Artwork and Sprites: Jana - The Brushbreaker - Wendt (https://www.instagram.com/wortverlust/)
Special Thanks go to the institute of computer science of Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. Namely Prof. Dr. Reinhard Koch and PhD Student Tim Michels.
Thanks and greetings go out to IFgameSH e.V. for additional support on finding Literature and giving tipps on programming in Unity3D.

Source-Code and Assets can be found here:

Code can be used. Reference to this page is appreciated.
Music and pictures are not open for commercial or public usage.

Install instructions

On Windows:
Just download the Zip, unpack and Execute. No Installation required.
On MacOS:
Download and unpack the zip-File.
Open a terminal and navigate to the folder that contains the file "Build Mac.app".
Execute the following commands one after another:

'cd Build\ Mac.app/Contents/MacOS'
'chmod +x CompSys2D'

Now open the app by double-clicking.


CompSysTheGameMacOS.app.zip 193 MB
CompSysTheGameWin.zip 194 MB
Thesis.pdf 8 MB

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